Hey IFC! I was wondering what you all use to post process/photoshop your spotting photos. I mostly use Lightroom but I just want to know if there are any better apps. Thanks!

Lightroom mainly, sometimes photoshop if I need to mask something. I also have Topaz Sharpen and Denoise for more demanding situations.


Thanks! I’ll look into those

This one could also be clarified as a MUST, however if you’re only just getting started I wouldn’t suggest splashing a lot of money on editing software.
One really good one, with lots of features that is available both on the web and IOS & Google Play is Polarr, which is kind of like Lightroom but free.

For smaller, light edits another free photo editor I can suggest is Lens Distortions (available on both IOS and Google Play but is optimised for IOS).
With many so-called “filters”, tones and light hits can be added, and is definitely something worth checking out!

Feel free to ask whenever if you need any more help.
Hope this helps!

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Darktable is free but has a steep learning curve. Arguably allows more control over your raw file than Adobe.

You won’t get the lightroom look we’re used to see with aviation photography so I wouldn’t advise you to switch.

these shots were edited with DT, not that they were required I’m just proud of my pics :^)


Absolutely not

Thank you both

Absolutely is, especially for night photography. No other software can quite compare to Topaz’s denoise AI, and works miracles.

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Nah topaz is overhyped, results on social media are undistinguishable from editing softwares anyway.

It’s definitely not a must but it is helpful


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