Post Lockdown Spotting! | CHC, 21/9/20

Hey IFC!

Today I made the trip north to Christchurch to visit the airport and grab some shots of the limited movements happening around the airport. This was my first spotting session after New Zealand’s nationwide lockdown, so I was quite excited! Unfortunately due to NZ’s strict border management, no international passenger arrivals are allowed in the country at this moment, so the main aircraft I saw were ATR’s coming from all reaches of the country. I was lucky to see some of Air New Zealand’s grounded 777-200ERs, plz can we get this livery in IF which are in Christchurch for temporary storage. I will try and put as much backround information into the shots, but some will be limited. Hope you enjoy these shots!

📍 Christchurch Int’l Airport, CHC, NZCH
🕒 12:30pm-3:00pm
📸 Canon EOS 500D with 70-300mm lens
🗓 June 21, 2020

777-200ER Shots


All of these aircraft are in temporary storage due to the COVID-19 pandemic. They are not expected to be back in the air until at least the middle of next year, because of the lack of demand on international long haul routes.

Domestic arrivals/departure shots


All of these shots are of aircraft coming in from other large towns and cities in New Zealand. Kiwis are being encouraged to travel around NZ and see the sights of our own country, to bring more money into the NZ economy. Much of NZ relies heavily on tourist income, and because of COVID, the money coming in has taken a massive drop. Now because New Zealand is just about COVID free, the government are encouraging locals to go out and see more of their backyard, while it is not busy with international tourists.

These pictures are not quite at the quality I would usually like to post here, but unfortunately over the pandemic my photography skills have gotten quite rusty lol. Most of them are unedited, because they simply look better in their raw form. If you would like to use a picture, just ask and I will happily let you :). Stay safe everyone.


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I think they’re beautiful!

Especially the 6th!

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Cheers mate, appreciate it :) nice poll lol

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Absolutely amazing shots of a beautiful livery!

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Thanks Alaska, one of the nicest livery’s out there ;)

I will like this post in seven hours 😂

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Rlly nice shots, and I agree that we should have the ANZ livery on the 777-200er in IF

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I absolutely agree, ngl I was surprised it wasn’t lol, thanks

Really nice shots mate, well done! Not too sure what one I like the most.

Great photos mate, really interesting to see what it’s like over the ditch :)

Great Pictures… 👍

Thank you for all these cool impressions! Really nice pictures, thanks for sharing!

I’m really loving that 5th shot. 10/10!

@Qantas094, @Oli_H thanks guys! Is it the same kinda situation over there? I know Australia are a little more relaxed about international arrivals. @Murphy @JulianB @KindaTartySliceOfPie thanks for the kind words guys :)


Amazing work, and awesome photos! I love the ATRs!

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Cheers mate! Hopefully they might come to IF sometime in the future :)

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I love New Zealand, it is one of my favourite places

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Hopefully, that would be awesome!

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