Post landing controlling the aircraft

Curious if anyone else is experiencing control issues post landing. After coming to a rolling speed after landing, and begin my turn off the runway, my airplane acts like it’s on the ultimate black ice patch! I’ll begin my turn and my back wheels start sliding left and right as approsed to obviously trailing the front tires. I’ve noticed it more if I tilt just a little left or right while I’m using the rudder to steer. The plane continues to act like this until I end the flight, and start a new one. Any ideas?

Device OS?
Infinite Flight Version?

What plane are you using? This happens to me a lot with the Citation X… I think it’s just prone to sliding…

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Apple 6s plus
iOS 10.0.2

I fly the A321 but it happens with all the planes

Known issue. Plenty of prior posts. Search ‘floating point bug’ on the forums. Effects are worse the farther you fly from your original spawn point.

Will be fixed in the Global update as confirmed by the developers.


Thank you very much. I knew I wasn’t crazy!!!


You aren’t crazy. Happens to many people

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Actually you are and this is just a dream
Good night hahaha

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