Post-Flight Experiences and Ideas

With about 7 hours of flying time in 20 flights,I would like to explain what would make this app a more enjoyable experience. I was thinking that we should have live current weather from each state or country that you are flying to. Also,I would like to ask for a global flight to expand flight time. This will also create more profit for the app. Buildings and Airport Terminals with gates is great. Although this takes up a ton of memory,this could also make this app a worldwide hit! If you are planning to expect these huge changes to happen,I recommend to delete the apps that you don’t use anymore. This will create some space for the app and will reduce lag. Lag will be expected if an update pops up,but it should develop in becoming a perfect app for future real-life pilots.

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Global Flight is coming, and we already have live weather in live. You are also currently TL0, and you need to be TL2 to post in features. These stuff have also already been requested.

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All good points that you have made however they have made suggested before and in most cases already being worked on. On live We already have weather linked into the real life weather at local airports for visability, wind direction and speed etc. clouds I ( think) is being worked on or at least is on the to-do list!

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Yeah I understand Mr.Lockwood. Sometimes the wind velocity and the wind gust can get out of hand. I was flying out of LAX Today flying to KSAN and I had a major crosswind landing. I was also sent to another airport due to severe wind conditions.

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FDS said all in good time. @Kyle_Gabriel_Pelegri how do you increase your trust level?

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