Post editing issue...?

Hey, I need help. I can’t edit my main post for some reason but I’m able to edit every other post within the post.

Click the top right “pencil”. Edit: I think…

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Nope I’ve tried that and it takes me onto my edit history

I don’t think you can’t edit topics after a certain amount of time

I went to my old topics and i can’t edit them either

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How about refreshing the website? (The top left button with infinite flight logo on it)

It’s been more than 60 days since the creation of the topic so you can’t edit unless:

  • you’re a regular
  • that post is a wiki

(Both conditions are to be satisfied)


Damn this is frustrating:(

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Just flag the topic and make a new one.

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If it’s essential a mod can edit it or make a new one for you


Can you edit it for me please as its my main thing?

Sure, just PM me the edited version.