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This is a bit off topic but how many Parts are you going to do?

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Honestly, I don’t know!! Whenever I run out of cities I guess 🤷🏾‍♂️

Oh gosh thats going to be about 500 parts then I guess.

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😂 I promise it won’t go that far… maybe 20–maybe

Alright. I would like it but I’m out of likes.

Loving the sunrise shots!

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How do you run out of likes?

You use them all.

I never knew we had a certain amount. I know about votes not likes

I have given out 1.7K+ likes in the 94-95 days I have been here.

Wow!! That’s amazing

Yup TL0 has 5 I think, TL1 has 25, TL2, has 50, TL3 has 75, TL4 has 100. TL0, TL1, TL3, and TL4 numbers are assumptions. TL2 I know is correct.

You have only given out 143 likes in the 64 days you have been here. You are only a TL1 so I believe you only have 25 likes a day.

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This is amazing 😂

Great pics!

Lets fly lets fly away!..