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Buttery landing?

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The proper term is grease


Mmmm yas I love mountain scenery though I’ve never been

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It was pretty nice!! I could’ve done better with keeping the centerline but other than that, it was a nice landing

These are all nice pics but u have 12 instead of rule of 10. So you will need to take out 2

I’ve never heard of that rule. Once I get notified that pictures need to come down, they will come down. Not trying to be rude just being real 😉

You obviously haven’t read this then

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Here’s the link and the rules about posting screenshots

Don’t come on my page like that. It’s not that big of a deal to have 2 extra pictures. It’s not all that serious. If you don’t like the pictures, keep scrolling but don’t bring the drama to MY story

I was literally just stating the rules, which shouldn’t be broken…

Bruuuuhhh. Hear me loud and clear… IT’S TWO PICTURES!! You’re acting like I posted 20 pictures


Get off my page bruh. If you don’t like that I’m not “following rules” go to another page. I’ll get dealt with

Great Pics although the last 3 seem to be way too similar haha!

Those telling you to obey the rules are only doing it for your own good. By not doing so, you’re risking this to be closed by a moderator. If that’s what you want then so be it. Good Day!


I just noticed 😂 I’m new to posting from my flights. So, I’ll probably make a few mistakes

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Haha all good! We only learn from mistakes we make :) …That being said, if you could kindly remove 2 images from your collection, that would be great! I’ve been through this as well when I first posted here haha

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Photo problema?