Post-crash 'bug'

So first of all I would like to state that all my ‘bad’ flying was intentional to speed up time for demonstration of this bug.

I took off in an A346 from KCLT and decided to head towards a small, class echo airport to the west of Charlotte Douglas Intl. I nose dived into the ground to see if I would re-spawn at KCLT ( as that was the nearest Bravo class airport) or if I would re-spawn at this municipal field. Upon crashing I chose the ‘Reset to Parking’ button and I spawned at this municipal field in which there is no realistic way for an A346 to take off, yet alone taxi!

I propose that when someone crashes they re-spawn at the nearest airport appropriate for their class (e.g. Props: any, Small jets: Delta or higher, Medium jets: Charlie or higher and Heavies: Bravo) another alternative for this issue would be to eradicate the ‘Reset to Parking’ button completely and only be able to end your sim session.

DISCLAIMER: I do not crash often, this was just an experimental idea that popped up in my head.

I ran into difficulties uploading photos and abandoned the idea.