Post Closure Criteria

What rank on IF community do i have to be to do a real post that won’t get closed immediately?

Hi @QANTAS_001
Every most you make wont be closed unless you dont follow the IFC quidlines or if it duplicate

I have also red all your topics(2): 1) one of them was closed because you want them to close it.
2) it was closed because your topic had an answer in the #features catigory

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Ok thanks a lot it really helps

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Jest a question how do I become a regular?

Have a look at this post please:

Dont forget: You should always try find your anwser in the “search topics or post” section(top right corner

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Ok it means a lot. Thanks


This one applies better for this place though:


Couldnt find it for some reason!!! Apologies

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This has been so helpful thanks you guys.


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