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Please contact the controller in a PM and politely ask their side. Best to talk to the controller than publicly “complain” about them.

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True, but when I am being instructed after attempting to say 'I will miss the approach, I need to decend’and many others, it is very frustrating for me.

Hello Ecoops_123, it is best to voice your frustration with the controller/s privately so this can be a learning experience, thanks!

Your video doesn’t show which approach you were cleared for. You showed that you were told to expect vectors for the 7R approach, but were you also cleared for the 7R approach?

It seems like every plane but yours is approaching 7L. Can you share a screenshot of your approach clearance? Or even better, check with your controller. Someone provided the name.

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Firat of all there is no need to swbd the check in command.Just tune in an request your approach.Take any further discussion with the controller

It was 'Leohund’and ‘Teddybrooo’. No idea of their IF community names…

@Lars is probably your approach controller

Contact him instead of complaining publicly.


@DerSchwabe and @Lars is who you need to contact

Good point, I think we were both confused me saying 'with you, however all the other aircraft did, but before I got the chance to request it was assumed, and I was instructed to defend to 11,000ft and then to a heading.

Ok, I thought I would leave them alone for their time during their shift.

You can make the PM now.Whenever they are done controlling or have the oppritunity to contact you they will

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Ok as much as I do feel bad for publicly complaining, it was like a ‘Donald Trump Tweet’, you do it in the moment, then slightly regret it afterwards. But it was very frustrating for me when I had members of family talking to me at the same time (it was only that once), along with concentrating on something else, which I need to take care of in the world of aviation.

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Controllers make mistakes as they are humans as well,
I understand your frustration but posting it online may destroy the controllers reputation in some way. This might have been a misunderstanding as he probably have 20 other planes to control at the same time.


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Around 5-10… Okay i am going to edit this post and sort it out like an adult rather than a toddler having a tantrum.

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No worries. In the future just PM them directly or even me and I can point you in the direction to the controller, it is best if these concerns are done in a PM but I appreciate you may be frustrated and we all make mistakes,