Post-Birthday Flying ( The Story )

Welcome back, everyone. My birthday yesterday was really special because I got to top it off with flying with a few people from KHAF to KOAK. Thank you to: @Thundxr @Balloonchaser and @Muhammad_Rifan_Panji for coming. Others, thank you for trying to make it. Another special thank you goes to @Julius97 for controlling OAK tower and ground. This turned out to be a great event. Thank you to all!!!
Anyways, we took off at about 7 and flew departing KHAF on the 30 localizer, and turned east. Then, the 30kt winds came. It was hard, let me be honest. Then, we turned south and then again turned North onto the localizer for 30 at Oakland. @Balloonchaser I feel bad you had to go around, but it was necessary, right @Julius97? Anyways, hope everyone had a fun time. Cheers!Steven


It may be advisable to post this in your event thread.


About what happened? Because this is post event. Afterwords

I think he is just saying he enjoyed the flight that was held for himself yesterday. :)

This would be better located in #live


Yea, you can just post it in the event thread. No need to make a separate topic about the event. 🙂


Yep, there was no way around it. You were still partly on the runway which made a landing impossible.
It was fun!! Thanks for letting me control


Anytime. Hope to see you around Cpt Obvious ;)

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You definitely will!! Just contacted me when you need ATC coverage for any upcoming events

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K. I might need some. Thinking about something… something GA and short