Post after someone has been seen

Am I the only one who’s noticed this? It’s happened quite a few times so unless you can post without actually logging in something isn’t right

or is my life a lie


Perhaps they post led by email?


Oh yeah, I didn’t think about that

Click on their activity and go to their most recent post. If there’s an envelope in the top right corner, they responded via email.

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Yes, I’ve just checked that, but they didn’t post by email

Could’ve been PM by email.

If they had slow internet, or photos or something it may just be some lag between when they click post, and it is actually posted, that usually explains the one or two muinet gaps, but I’ll admit that is drastic…

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As I said above, they didn’t

So is that a problem related to the forum or is it just something no one can do anything about?

I said nothing about posting. I said PM. Private message. Something you wouldn’t be able to see.

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No, because the user that did it posted a topic 4 minutes ago for everyone to see but it’s saying they were seen 4 minutes ago

Care to share who you are looking at?

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@Ondrej had a look but it was fine for him

The post in question was most likely in our pending queue (happens for new users) or the post in question was sent in via email. That way you won’t be considered as seen.


Ahh ok, but @Ondrej had a look at his profile and for him he was seen after he posted so it’s probably not that

I answered your original question.


You did, but the stats I see different to what @Ondrej sees

3:00- log in (seen)
3:15 - make a post. Because the user is new it needs to be approved…
3:30 - moderator approves message. ( Post)
4:00 - look at profile

Seen will be 60 min and last post 30 mim


Ok thanks, I think I have my question answered now

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