Possibly the best Group Flight in Chicago (CLOSED)

Anyone up for a Group Flight in Chicago?

Starts in 5 minutes!


ALT: 15,000
VS: 2800

Server: TS1

Qantas aircraft preferably but other airlines are welcome (american, etihad, emirates etc.)
I am at gate B9, feel free to select any gate apart from B9 thanks.

My callsign is QFA0254 or Tyler Gaske as my display name

I’m down if you’re still looking to do it

ok do you want to do it now sorry if i was late i had to do something

Yeah that’s cool. Just tell me the airline and gate and I’ll see you there

qantas any type im in a 787 im at b7

wait let me change my plane

Okay. Make a flight plan and I’ll copy it

Can I come? Just give me 20-30 minutes.

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oh ok then yep we have just joined

do you want to wait 20 minutes or is that to long
kyle.plane is going to join our long flight

I’m gonna get off and charge my iPad if we are going to wait for him. I have no problem with waiting

ok I will wait but do something else for the time being

i’ll join :)

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Starts in 25 minutes
filling out flight plan and stuff

doing touch and goes while i wait.

ok might join you for some touch and goes

what is your callsign

Qantas 74 Heavy

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ill be one moment

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dam my ipad went flat!

we have like 15 minutes till it starts

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