Possibly Smoothest Autoland Landing Ever?

Is this possiblt the smoothest autoland landing ever done? I was figuring outt ways to make the autoland flare correctly and came up with these results. Enjoy!

Very good. Still unsure about autoland. Kind of removes the challenge? But for me landing is the best part and the more challenging the better!


I definitely agree. I prefer manually landing much more than Siri landing my plane, and autoland does get rid of the challenge. I just wanted to see if I could get autoland to actually land correctly without me having to pay for new landing gear.

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I used autoland last for someone who found the 4 controls for landing abit too much. And that was a woman haha, sure they could multitask!!

I also wonder max, do you come in too slow perhaps? Using autoland I used something like 140kts for my approach speed with full flaps. Plane appeared to very gently touch onto the runway for me and I was quite impressed by the autoflare. Although it is slightly unrealistic as it should shout “SLOW” at you or whatever a Boeing says when you’re at 20ft

How do u do auto land

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Only on 737 BBJ, press Appr when somewhere near glideslope

Wait for european winter to enjoy Autoland ;)

Smooth but not skilled.


What happens in Europe during winter? Low vis.?

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Thanks I’ll try

This is how it’s done manually ;)

I was playing around with it and I found that cruising at approximately 136 knots will make the autoland correct. If you go any higher, the autopilot will push the nose down, and if you go any slower, the nose will start to come up.

For some reason, if your speed isn’t 135 knots when landing, it will rather hit the ground hard, or stall before touching down. This is why I stayed at 135 knots.

Obviously, if you were on long final, as you lower flaps, you would reduce speed. This video is showing the landing at the very last part where there are full flaps and the plane is at landing speed.

Like I said in my first reply to Makeaflightforfun, I wasn’t trying to look super skilled or anything. I was trying to make the autoland flare correctly instead of slamming into the ground or stalling.

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My username is clearly too long haha

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Amazing landing

Okay is it me or what…I can never get a plane that stabilized like they show in videos…It is probably just me because I have seen many perfect landings.