Possibly my new favorite Piston Helicopter

Say hello to the redesigned Sikorsky S-52, the Vertical Aviation Technologies’s S-52L “Hummingbird.”
The S-52L is based off the former Sikorsky S-52. Recently Vertical Aviation Technologies has announced that the S-52L is nearing certification. The process, which has currently taken two years, includes a type certificate and a production certificate.

“For 32 years we’ve been selling the Hummingbird helicopter in kit form with a perfect safety record, With certification in primary category we can still sell kits but also provide a completed helicopter at a substantially reduced price.” Brad Clark, the President of Vertical Aviation Technologies’s said.

The official Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) language for the Primary Aircraft Category.
A primary category aircraft is of simple design and is intended exclusively for pleasure and personal use, flight instruction, and rental. A primary category rotorcraft may be powered by a single, naturally aspirated engine and a six-pound-per-square-foot main rotor disc loading limitation. A primary category rotorcraft may have a maximum certificated weight of no more than 2,700 pounds, and a maximum seating capacity of four.

The new model S-52L helicopter meets these requirements. In addition, the certification basis chosen and accepted by the FAA is FAR 27, with later parts of FAR 27 requiring occupant protection, i.e. cabin protection, fuel crash worthiness and additional seating safety requirements.

The S-52L has been redesigned ground up in order to meet the latest requirements. The basic design parameters for the S-52L such as airframes, rotor system, transmission and powerplant remain the same, however tail surfaces, fuel system, electrical, instrumentation, interior, and flight controls have been redesigned. The powerplant is the six cylinder 300 h.p. IO-540 derated to 245 h.p. manufactured and supported by Continental Motors, Titan engine division.

The S-52L will be on display at Sun ‘n Fun 2019, April 2 to 7, 2019, exhibit space N-078!


That is a very funny looking helicopter! ;P It looks perfect for my smaller sibling!

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Here’s the original one

I’m curious if they want to compete against Robinson’s R44 with it.


It looks pretty roomy also!


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Not very fashionable is the original, looks like an old VW bus. Lol. But I’d still fly it for sure!

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I think my favourite part of this is they added a bigger motor and added a Long Rangers nose to it. Besides that everything is basically original lol

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How much do they run? Cost wise?


About 119$ a flight hour,
65$ an hour per maintenance.

The R44 is running about 190$ an hour.

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Hummingbird? Looks more like a Bumblebee. 🐝


“Alright and let’s turn the engines on”


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