Possibly missing an instruction for ATC

Is there a message like in Expert Server to tell the pilot to check procedures? Having a ton of people asking to taxi first and not pushback.

this also happens to me sometimes but i just say “pushback approved”


For sure! I’ll take the taxi request first over those that don’t even request. Just trying to prepare them for Expert Server if they choose to fly on there.

Hi, that would risk getting used without restraint, sometimes inappropriately and possibly causing unnecessary offence in some cases, and misunderstanding in others. Training server is meant to be a steppingstone practice area, where reprimands are sensibly muted compared to the consequences environment of ES.

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Im not and IF controller but im pretty sure there is a botton for that. Ive heard hem use it before

Only IFATC controllers have access to the Please Follow Instructions and Check User Guide prompts to be used only in the Expert server. In TS there is unfortunately no way to protect against trolling or anything of the sort


I figured! Just wanted to make sure I wasn’t missing the command. Thank you!

I guess I’m confused on how it might be that way. Unless obviously it’s controllers without any experience whatsoever. Would it even stop any of the trolls? ABSOLUTELY NOT, but at least something. Deduct XP gained. Screen record and talk to someone here?

Am I remembering correctly that the green and red runway numbers on the map are for the preferable winds for approach too? (Horrible way of wording that, if someone knows the actual technical phrase that would be awesome if you could let me know.) But I always check FR24 before I control any station to check active runways for the airport and base my arrivals and departures solely on that.

From the sound of it I recommend you join IFATC. So you can control on expert server. However without the proper training it doesn’t make sense even for you to be able to give that command.

So, proper procedure is to request for taxi first?

It depends really where they are on the airport, a lot of ramps and stands allow for an immediate taxi without having to push back before hand, in that case they can taxi first.


Okay and I should have added that because I’m more than aware, but a good majority of the locations/gates/stands/pads, etc people start at major airports should be requesting pushback. For expert server it’s probably about the same likelihood that they’ll need to request a pushback first.

We have Check user Guide command for this situations.

Because TS controllers have no training or certification. They are practicing and getting to know the system.

ES controllers are not only trained, but have a certain standard applied which attaches consequences to any potential misuse of admonishing others without a valid reason.

If you have a system for admonishing people on TS for controllers who are still learning the ropes, it opens the system up to a lot of confusion and unnecessary tension.

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For sure! I always check Tower/High to make sure.

Agreed, 1 million percent that I don’t have any training or certification WHATSOEVER, though I’m just bringing this issue up because it is training server. I’m just trying to help and train them before I remember getting the “Check procedures,” message—don’t quite remember the exact phraseology—on Expert Server and freaking out a little bit. This is “kind of” real world aviation as well. This post will probably get locked after this, but not sure why you had to be relatively rude when I’m just trying to help. There’s VASAviation, YouCanSeeATC, many other live streams streams, LiveATC, and the Infinite Flight guide itself. Sure, you can fairly say all of those are not always accessible to some people and I guess I should feel extremely privileged to be able to do so. So, I have to ask, would you—personally—ask for pushback or taxi from any passenger terminal at an airport or (for example) a gate at Tom Bradley at KLAX or Terminal 2E, Gate E14 at KJFK, or if you were a commercial at airport (not Infinite Flight)?

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I definitely appreciate you are trying to help, and that you are constructively adding to the dialogue. If there are sincere questions, they should be asked and fairly considered. But it’s also a forum and I believe there are solid objective reasons to disagree with your position, which I stated. While disagreeing with you, no disrespect intended.

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