Possibly a second airport on San Clemente island?

I was wandering around in FlightRadar24 and I saw this airport like facility near KNUC.
I was wondering if this maybe a secondary airport on the island?


Let me take a look.

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It looks abandoned tho. Maybe it was previously an airport. Or it’s construction was cancelled.

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Yeah it looks like a very old not active airport.

If someone on IFC is a resident of San Clemente island, maybe he/she could tell us what it is.

I don’t think anyone here lives in San Clemente. I’m pretty sure it’s a protected island.

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Me too. ``

Apple maps


Why isn’t it on IF?

Read this. It’s San Clemente NAAS.



How do you know it’s not there… ;)

Secret airport, secret place

Did you read the link? It briefly tells you what it was.

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Nobody lives there because it is a weapons range for the navy. If they do live there, they shouldn’t be there. Also, the airport is used for weapons testing that’s why it looks the way it is.

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