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Hello! Is there anyone out there who would be willing to help me create a virtual airline? I would love to make one especially with someone who was equally interested! Please respond on this post or send me a PM, also if this is in the incorrect let me know!

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Hello, i would recommend you to check the IFVARB information thread and familiarize yourself with everything that will be required to start a VA/VO (including finding which airlines are vacant, etc).
You can find the topic here:

Once you enter the approval process, you may post in this thread:



It would be great to see you create a VA, but do you mind me asking which one? (You can PM me if your like, I keep secrets if necessary, because I respect privacy! 🤫)

I am in progress of CEO of Flybe VA (there is another one, but it’s inactive)
And also I’ll be COO and Staff of another VA in progress (FlyDubai)

Sorry if we cross paths here!

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@Ecoops123 Just throwing this out there, according to the IFVARB policies which you can find here
"VA/VO CEOs must not be on staff at any other VA/VO to ensure the CEO is dedicating all of his/her resources to their VA/VO"

Make sure you’ve read all the VARB policies before accidentally going against one. 🙂


I’m COO. We wouldn’t go anywhere without either of us… We both do half and half. I do the technical and programming side, he does the designing and social side :)

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So you’re COO at Flybe and at FlyDubai, right?

You can help me and @Qantas094 With Private Flying Group! Love to see some new ideas!

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