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Curious if it has ever been brought up a 2 part thought. With the variety of planes offered, the different loads (passengers or cargo), there is no tracking for the total number/amount moved. How there is tracking for landings, hours, and such perhaps branching out. The second thought is, with the military C-130. You can view the cargo bay but in no other plane are you able to view the under deck cargo. Since you can on the C-130, when you load cargo weight, the cargo is still empty? Perhaps getting simulated cargo pallets to coincide with the weight you load. Picture below is the empty cargo bay. Just some random thoughts I’ve had lately. If my post is now allowed, or in the wrong category please let know and I can update the category or remove the post all together.

Sounds like an idea for this topic:

No need to remove it entirely. Perhaps a mod will shift it into the topic and you will start creating some excellent discussions 👍🏻

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Hey, thanks for the suggestion. While Infinite Flight does not track amount of cargo moved, you can change the weight and balance of the aircraft by clicking the 3 bars at the bottom right and going to “Weight and balance”. Additionally, I’m sure as aircraft are reworked, we’ll get the option for more complex interior views (as we have with the CRJ series).


Defiantly agree with all you see talking about in your post! An update for the C-130 is needed! I think they just developed 1 and pasted it to the others variety’s to get a variety of the plane out there. Definitely something to work out the kinks on.

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I understand how to change the weight and balance but perhaps an update to what is all tracked is what I was thinking more so. If I fly with 10k lbs cargo, land, load 30k lbs, land at another location I’ve moved 30k lbs total. But nowhere is that tracked. Same with passengers. If I take off and land at 2 locations moving 100 and 300 people respectively I’ve now moved 400 people. But it’s not tallied up anywhere. Just an update thought.

Sounds like a great idea (prefer kg or mt myself but then I am in the UK!)

How about you set up a feature request? Have a search through current feature request and if there isn’t one set it up?

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