Possible unknown plane crash?

I was on FltRdr and was checking the history of G-LIDE. It’s a small piper owned by Woodgate Aviation. Then I checked the replay last Flight of G-LIDE and it seems to end in over a big green field and is pretty far from the nearest airport. Could Woodgate Aviation’s Piper have crashed without ATC knowing? And as it seems the crash is near a low-populated aera, it might not have been discovered by a local person.
Anyways see it here:

Check the last known Flight (Callsign GLIDE)

These kind of aircraft can land in grass runways. Although it may be unlikely perhaps he landed in an unmarked and undocumented grass runway without alerting anyone? Nether the less this is creepy.

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I agree with the grass runway idea, Pipers can land there because they are small and they can stop in time.

The ELT would have gone off if he crashed. Or the person would have been reported missing or overdue at his destination airport.

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I’ve checked Google earth for a grass airstrip near the point of radar signal loss. But no evidence of one

Probably just a bug

Maybe we should check with that other tracker to confirm. What was its name? Flight Tracker I think

Other possibility is that he simply canceled IFR and switched over to VFR flight so flight radar couldn’t track him


Could be. Possible

Planes just don’t crash and no body knows. That’s not how it works any more. Especially if this guy was flying IFR, he would have a flight plan, and be overdue at his destination, which would prompt a search. More likely, he just cancelled IFR flight and finished the flight VFR only

He probably was IFR and cancelled his clearance for VFR. I don’t think flight ware tracks VFR flights even if filed. As others have mentioned if he did crash someone would know about it. Family, friends, etc.


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