Possible to move purchases?

Hi, my problem is this: I have IF on my iPad and iPhone, but mainly use my iPad. Thus, I have about £40-50’s worth of purchases on my iPad and I was wondering if there was a way to get those purchases (planes and regions) on my phone as well. This would be very helpful as it would save me having to buy them all (or just the most used ones) again.

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Make sure you use the same Apple ID and restore the purchases (in the app). It should transfer the purchases over. :)


iOS-iOS will always work when transferring ;), Like Henrik said, as long as you use the same Apple iD


IF you have live acount you can use that and log in.

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What if I change devices? Like if I move from Samsung to Apple will I have to re-buy planes and regions?

yes you will have to

Yes, you will have to re-buy the planes and regions. It’s like if you buy a game for your Xbox one, you won’t get the game for free if you get a PS4.

I’m also loged in via Facebook. Does that make any difference?

IOS is IOS. It should be the same type of system as android.

No it doesn’t. Apple’s store is separate from the Android store.

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