Possible to get a refund from infinite flight?

Um I recently lost my infinite flight app somehow (and yes my device is supported) and it says I have to buy it again on Google play but I don’t feel like it

Just cancel it on your account in your settings. That’s what I do.

All app & in app purchases are done by the respective app store. In your case it would be the Google Play store. If you want a refund from your already made purchase then I’m pretty sure you will need to contact Google Play for any type of refund.

If you worry about any subscription being paid for again then just cancel it before the end of the subscription.

I’m not sure what’s being asked. Are you saying you dont want the app anymore and want a refund from when you originally bought it or are you saying that you want it again for free because you already bought it?

The app was uninstalled somehow and I want to install it but I have to pay again

Shouldn’t have to pay again once installed look for restore purchases and it should all come back

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How recently did you buy it? If you buy and download an app from Google Play and delete it from your device in the first 24 hours, you get an automatic refund. Then you have to buy it again to use it.

a question on this topic
if I want to renew the subscription but I do not have money, but I still have a few days online.
Can I cancel the current subscription and thus return the money to have another subscription again?

It is a question
I hope you understand what I mean


If Play Store are asking you to purchase again even though you have already purchased the app, please make sure you are signed in with the same credentials in Play Store as you were when you purchased it.
That way it shouldn’t be a problem.

Signing out of Play Store and then back in might help if you are having issues even though you are signed in with the correct credentials.
For additional support, i recommend reviewing this support topic by Google:


No. Why should you be refunded for a subscription you’ve used for almost a month?


It was only a doubt that there had to be if it was possible to do it but I can see that
Thank you

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Maybe he downloaded it APK and does not have the store version. Thats just a maybe I dont really know but could be.

Isn’t the APK version a pirated version? If so, then it’s best to ask and not think it. :) @Justen_Lim, did you ever see IF in the Google Play Store while you had the app?

Yea thats why I said idk because it could be a pirated version but Im not anyone to assume if its true :)

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how does one “loose” their infinite flight app?? Can’t you just re downloaded in on your respective app store. if you already have a login for your infinite global then you need to re sign in on the app.

Ok, i do not know what an APK is but i DO know that no one has helped me… my dad just did somehow downloaded it for me again… im like HOW

Yes you can when you buy it from amazon but then it gets transferred to google play, and btw thats not helping

Well thanks for nothing really guys