Possible to dispute a Report?

I was flying yesterday into an approach. ATC already sent me a heading and altitude to maintain. Well then, my connection dropped for a few seconds and then came back up. I was still flying, but never heard another instruction come to me. Next thing I know, I received a report for not following instructions. I’m thinking the connection drop had something to do with me not receiving the message.

Is there any way to dispute a report for a situation like this? it says the controller was IFAE-IFATC-Juan ?
from a bit of research on the form I think his username might be @Juan_Oosthuizen ? I made this thread because I couldn’t figure out how to message someone on the forums directly.

Sorry if this is posted in the wrong section.


Welcome to the IFC
This may help you.

Just pm the controller, he should revoke your ghost

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Hi @DoubleBogey

I will message you 👍🏻

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Thanks all :)