Possible to appeal level 1 violations?

So I went over 350km in FL 170 and I slow down my speed but they still give me violation, so is it possible to appeal leave 1?

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Unfortunately Level 1 violations cannot be appealed unless it was an error by the system such as going through the terrain and getting one.

In this case, it seems that you didn’t slow down fast enough for the 20 second warning timer to avoid it

Your violation will be gone in a week or 7 days after it was received


Alright thanks for that


I got violations for level 1 because I was away and i was going 240 IAS and got 6 violations!?! When your away it shouldn’t be that you get much violations to get you ghosted that’s a bit unfair dude I’m actually like done like bruh why do you still get violated for getting something to eat

Level 1 violations are not removed because you were not at your device was unattended.


Pilot’s responsibility to monitor their device at all times. Stay at your device in critical phases of flight where vios are likely.

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Unfortunately not. This would be considered pilot error, therefore won’t be removed. The only time Level 1 violations will be removed is if a user can prove it was do to a glitch.

That said, violations shouldn’t be received at 240 knots IAS. Are you sure you didn’t have VNAV on and started descending, or something that would effect your speed?

Also, 3 violations is currently the max before being removed from the server (for that specific flight).


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lol, why was a 2 month old topic on level 1 violations bumped?!?! 😂😂

I have 5 violations and they are all for the same reason which is overspeed below 10,000 will they be gone with in a week? My first 2 violations was when i was the training server, and for some reason i got 3 violations today, and when i checked the replay it only showed that I got only 2.

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They disappear after 168hrs, so once that time is up they shouldn’t affect your grade. As for the replay issue, thats a known bug where it doesn’t show the last violation that kicks you. You will have got 3, but you can always check your grade table to be sure.

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