Possible to access the IF waypoints directory?

I have been developing basic and easy-to-use coded spreadsheets to translate the SimBrief OFPs into Infinite-Flight-compatible FPLs. However, I have been asked to use the actual waypoint names whenever they exist in the IF and use coordinates only if the waypoint is missing.

It is impossible for me to interact with the IF when running the simple sheets I make, so is there any ways for me to download/access the list of all waypoints in IF. A basic list of only the WAYPOINT NAME, and its attributed LONGITUDE and LATITUDE is all I need.

You may take a look at the link below to get an idea what I am talking about and how a list of waypoints can help: Automatic: SimBrief OFP to Infinite Flight FPL, Loading, Top of Climb/Descend, Cruise, Liveries, and Fuel Analysis [FPLM!NER]


You probably are looking for an API plugin and would get the answer if your topic were moved to the developer category

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All Navigation data as of now is over here




Right on point @dush19. Very helpful. Many thanks!

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Please refer to the link above, thanks!