Possible support for Chromebooks in the future?

I own a Lenovo Chromebook Duet 5 with an amazing OLED screen and large display. When I went to the play store to download Infinite Flight, it said there was no support. This isn’t surprising to me, as I understand that there is no official support for chromebooks. I was just wondering, if, in the future, Infinite Flight could expand support to chromebooks. I remember, on some chromebooks it does work (I had an old Acer Chromebook it worked on), and I have a Logitech 3D Pro Joystick that works with Infinite Flight. It would just be amazing if I could have this on my Duet 5.
If not, it would be nice to have an Infinite Flight receiver that can receive a signal from a phone running Infinite Flight that I could connect my joystick to and mirror my screen to the receiver. I know there’s Infinite Flight Connect, but it would be cool to have some other features.
This is just an idea, and I completely understand technical issues with this.



I think at this moment and time, IF is only focusing on mobile.

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Hello there!

I have a Chromebook Lenova and it has a touch screen feature so it’s basically an “IPad”. But unfortunately it wasn’t compatible with Google Play after the support for android was removed in 21.1 more info for it can be found below.

I do wish my Chromebook was compatible for it but it is what is and I will be buying a new IPad pretty soon so I don’t have to play on my phone as much.

Hope this helps in any way! Cheers and have a good one mate!

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