Possible subjects of future "how to..." articles

Dear All,

I was thinking about possible subjects from the IF Simmers perspective with regard to “simulated realism”, that could be interesting enough, to be covered here in this forum.

So here is a brief list and a short summary of what can be expected over the next weeks.

How to…

…conduct the initial approach from cruise altitude to 10.000ft and to ILS Glideslope altitude:

  • do’s and dont’s
  • descent thumb rule ( @280-250kts, 2000ft/min) to calculate how many miles out u have to initiate the descent
  • correlation of weight and speed reduction (the heavier, the longer it takes)
  • how to avoid the 250kts below 10.000ft penalty

…intercept an ILS correctly (for pilots but also for ATC)

  • intercept course
  • intercept altitude
  • intercept speed

…calculate reference speeds without performance charts

  • Take Off : V1, VR, V2 ( in this SIM only the VR gate is of relevance, but I will explain the function of the other speeds)
  • Landing: V Ref

power setting for take off and Flaps setting

  • thrust lever and N1 indication
  • reduced take off power (Flex Thrust)
  • Initial Flap setting, acceleration altitude and Flap retraction schedule

crosswind take off and landings

  • how to use the rudder
  • approach technique “crabing”

Please feel free to comment. What is missing, what does not make any sense?

happy landings



Thanks-Sounds Great👌

How about reading and understanding SID’s, STAR’s and approach plates.

One essencial subject would be Airport Patterns (left base, downwind, upwind, etc)
I have read a lot about it and I still dont know how it is.

I could explain it to you now if you want?

The airport Pattern?

Yes-If you want me to…

Create a Tutorial / New topic for everybody. I will appreciate it!

I will Soon.

Just created a new “Tutorials” category. Limited new topics to trust level 2 forum users for now to encourage good content (it will probably have to be moderated a bit to make sure we have well formatted articles and tutorials).

Hi Philippe,

i think my posts fit into this category very well, but I cannot post them in the tutorial category. Obviously I am not on the necessary trust level yet.

So what do we do? - I do see two options: Either I get the permission to post “How to” articles in the tutorial category or I will have to continue writing in the general category.

But to be honest, it is quite an effort two write this stuff besides my work. I would rather see it in the tutorials category where everybody can find these answers more easily than in the general category.

In other words, it does not make sense to post it in general, while everybody would search for something like this in the new category “Tutorials”

As I believe you are the Administrator of this forum, you will have to decide

best regards and Thanx for your work here


excellent tips…i use some of these alot…


@BBJ MAX : I am looking forward to your tutorial, thanks for the effort.

in the meantime I just found the time to create this picture:

A standard pattern is mostly flown by student pilots to practise take off, turns, configuration changes, approaches and landing (touch & go). it is common for VFR airports. You do not use this in IFR conditions.

However, lets assume we are in IF and the field has a runway 270/090. Wind outvof the West so 27 in use:

Aircraft I

  • if you are comming in (in this example) from the west,
  • and you are north of the airport,
    -> then you are on the right downwind leg.

Aircraft II

  • if you are comming in from the south (in this example)
  • and you are south/east of the field
    -> then you are coming in on the left base leg

thats basically it;-)

happy landings,


Simply spend enough time on the forum to be lvl 2. There are already a couple ppl at that lvl after a week. This is so you have time to get familiar with how things work and how to craft good posts that will have the maximum impact.

You can post them in general, if they are really good and well formatted I can promote them to the tutorial category; or you can just wait until you are lvl 2 and post in the tutorial category at that point. Make sure to spend time making them as simple as possible. Keep in mind that tutorials should be accessible by anybody.

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