Possible space shuttle return

As we all know that Laura has uploaded a video of a space centre in infinite flight on YouTube which means it’s possible to go at such high altitude without glitching. I do really wish that the space shuttle will return at some point in the future

First off, let’s not speculate. Secondly, if you didn’t know this, NASA was doing a launch today, and Laura was messing about, the space station you see has been modeled before, however, it probably won’t make it to the simulator.

Lastly, here is the link to what Laura said. https://twitter.com/lauraviatrix/status/1385538559302672385?s=21

Now, it would be cool, but it won’t be arriving to the sim, and for the altitude, I don’t think it is possible for any aircraft to get that high

Also the space shuttle was never able to go to space if I remember right in the older days of Infinite flight, it was just a landing challenge at Edwards Air Force base

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ISS has been around for a while on her personal build. Unless they specifically say something is coming, I usually would assume it isn’t. That way, it’s a lovely surprise if something happens, and not disappointment if it doesn’t