Possible parts from MH370

Some parts have been found which possibly belong to MH370 in Madagascar. These include luggage and seats. This could be a major breakthrough and as I am having an private investigation on MH370 myself. If these parts are from MH370, it’s even more proof for my most-likely theory. I’ve tested it many times and calculated many things. Even though it does NOT show the exact spot, it does show a possible aera.


Just interested, what’s…


Do you have to link to the original article?

Things have been showing up in Madagascar and that area for ages, it’s not something new.

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May not be the original

I am doing a Private Investigation on it to PM me to team up

I really do hope that we stop speculating so much on this… I mean in the end a yellow note will be posted and then such topics get closed again…

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Guys. I can’t reveal my Most-Likely theory but I calculated the possible place MH370 is
NOTAM: The calculations are only correct if only the Madagascar parts belong to MH370


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Do you have experience in air crash investigation?
How have you calculated this?
I’m really interested.

Do you mean the one on national geographic? I am an ace on that.
If you mean actual air crash investigation, Yes. But not so much.
I did do the FlyDubai 981 case previously.

The crash happened so long ago now that there is no telling where it crashed these items would naturally ash up and if it took two years to wash up I’m sure it crashed nowhere near that region, that’s not the only region either with parts. It was predicted that this would happen a few months after it happend and it still offers no major breakthrough

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