Possible new VA waiting for approval by IFVARB

Fingers crossed we get one of the two that I said so it will be ethier QantasLink virtual airlines or vietjet vitual airlines agin fingers crossed + join this discord to chat with me and do a flight together

QantasLink is already taken, so Vietjet it is

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Hi! Please be patient and wait until IFVARB approves your VA before starting operations. It doesn’t look professional at all right now. Thanks for your comprehension. :)

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Please search before you post as Qantas VA already exists. You can read more about it here Aswell as this you are only TL1 (basic user) you need to be at least TL2 (member) to start your own VA. If you need to learn about Trust Levels please read Here If you are interested in starting a VA I would suggest you join a couple of Virtual Airlines to see how they work.


Well Qantas Virtual consists of Jetstar, QantasLink and Qantas Virtual

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How did he get into the .VA section