Possible new loading screen?😏


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Shewww that’s fire ngl

Looks like a great loading screen and something that came out of a PC sim!

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thanks guys!

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Yk what I haven’t seen yet?

The c172 10 year plane or the a350

Ima fly those later maybe try making loading screen with one of them!

Would be really cool to see!


I honestly love your photo it should really be a new screen loader

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looks great! I support

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nice screenshot 😍

You have my support

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I don’t see this loading screen it still the old one

This is just a concept, not an actual loading screen implemented in the game

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afffirm this is not the actual loading screen, it saying i think it should be the new loading screen “when the official update releases”

oh what about this one i just took😉


Hey maybe these pics everyone is taking can be a new one! We will see👀


A good new loading screen should include:

  • Infinite Flight 10 Years Livery
  • Emphasis on the plane, clouds, and buildings
  • Shouldn’t focus one one more than the other
    The first loading screen with the 747 was so far the best in this post, it showed the plane, buildings and clouds. Now we need the IF livery on it if IF wants to consider it.

look at the other one i posted with the a350 IF 10 year livery above

Yeah however that just shows a truck and the plane, I think a good one should be an overhead of the terminals. The first one is the best.

Dang 18 days ago and nobody has said anything about it :(. We need to make this happen


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