Possible New Business Class Seat For Garuda???

With The 330Neo coming in this december for garuda.Rumors Surround that garuda will have new seat.This Seat is said to have improvement from the diamond seat of the 330 of garuda but if this is true Garuda Will Have Three Types of Business Class In 3 Different types of A330s
What do you think?

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I’m not gonna lie it kinda looks like it’s from the 1990’s


Agreed, seems very


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Doesn’t look the nicest, but the 3 point seatbelt they provided looks pretty safe to me.

This seat seems like something that would have been “revolutionary” in 2007. I’m kind of disappointed given that Garuda is a 5 star airline


Alright folks, were heading back to 2007, get ready


Is that really the finalized design? Because it seems more like a demonstration without the finishes.

This is Garuda’s current Super Diamond business class with a red cloth at the very least.


For reference, Singapore Airlines’ 787-10 uses a slightly modified version of that Opal seat, the Stelia Symphony:

(Picture by TPG)

If Garuda chooses the Opal seat, I believe it’ll be the second airline to feature it after Air Senegal recently launched it on their A339s:

However, if this truly is the finalized seat with a thin red line as a finish… that’s pretty bad.

That’s basically a staggered seat, which a lot of airlines utilize. However the operation costs will probably increase if there are more different seats installed… I’m personally a fan of the reverse herringbone (777s) tho 😃

From ahc2910_aviation @ahc2910 on Twitter, looks like this is it.

Nice to see they went for the blue.

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