Possible new Amazon Airplane Hub in Sacramento (KSMF)

In Sacramento CA, Plans have been set and are in progress in building a new fulfillment center in Sacramento. There has been no public release about them building a hub for their new aircraft along with the fulfillment center. The fulfillment center is being built right next to the already existing international airport, Sacramento International Airport (KSMF) In a piece of property named Metro Air Park. Since the building of the fulfillment center took place, the east runway(s) 34 R and 16 L at KSMF have been closed. A lit up X is placed at the end of each runway indicating that it is closed. Near the center of the runway, i noticed that there are some vehicles that are doing some work on the side of the runway. My best guess was that they are making a taxiway to connect the soon fulfillment center, to the airport. This could be for shipping aircraft from ether UPS or FedEx (There is a FedEx hub on the other side of the airport) or this could be one of the hubs for the new Amazon Prime Aircraft. What do you think?


Are these all cargo airlines that are doing hubs?

The Fulfillment Center is by Amazon it is where the products are held. Cargo airlines such as UPS or FedEx are payed by amazon to transport these orders to where the people who bought them. Amazon made their own airplanes/airline so they don’t have to pay FedEx or UPS

So Fed-ex and UPS is payed. Do you mean only amazon is starting a hub?

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