Possible New 747 Customer

Remember Avatar Airlines?

This airline was interested on flying 747s back in 2019, This idea was dismissed. However recently with the Thai 747s for sale the airline is re considering it. This airline has been around for 30 years, a new airline compared to others. Last year it filed an application with the US Department of Transportation to help support, its plans to launch domestic flights within the United States with yes, the Boeing 747. Their initial plan was to purchase a total of roughly 14 Boeing 747-400s, following years, And then Order the -8s. The airline has already let Thai Airlines know that they would like to buy some of the 747s that they put up for sale! They have asked for 10 747s. They plan to operate between big city’s in the US, LA-NY, ect. With the current COVID and it will cost the airline $300M, this is unlikely to happen in 2020.

Thanks for reading! the 747 might get a new customer!

Article is on simpleflying.com


Tbh I won’t believe this airline until they have aircraft in the sky. As far as I’m concerned, they are as credible as MOM air 😂

Seriously, I don’t think their business model is going to work here in the US but hey, they can prove me wrong…


Oh this airline is a scam their business model will not work! They tried to do it with Family Airlines a few years ago but that didn’t work either. Shareholders won’t support them

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The airline has not gotten off the ground since 1992, I find it quite unlikely that they ever will. Hey, don’t loose hope though. It would be fantastic to see 747 aircraft flying domestically around the United States. Interesting topic by the way!

This will never happen. Reasons below:

  • Cost Efficiency with a 747 on short flights = 🤮
  • No one will fly with them because of their small fleet size and sparse schedule
  • they won’t be able to fill all the seats which in turn makes the heavier aircraft more expensive to operate

However if (via a miracle) this does work out I want to fly on at least one flight 😂

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Speaking in start up airline and 747s 300 Mil is not that much SPEAKING off course in airline money

The founder was made to return all his money from his 1990s attempt after being forced to do so by the SEC. He made 360,000 dollars with no intention to return it. He tried to start it up again in 2008 and was soundly rejected by the DOT. In 2010 they tried again but as Avatar Airlines, with him not being CEO anymore. Not only has the DOT not given the airline the operating certificate, the founder has met with airport officials claiming to represent Avatar.

I can say with 99% certainty that this is a scam and they’re trying to play into the hype of flying 747s. Don’t give them money. Don’t encourage them. Until you see some serious orders or commitments (like Breeze Air), this is all going to amount to nothing.

Pressuring investors to invest NOW NOW NOW by implying that the opportunity won’t be around for very long…considering nothing has happened since 2010, I’m doubtful.

If they were serious, they’d know who to talk to in order to get some. They’re trying to cash in on your hype by hoping that you or someone you know will give them money because you like to see the 747 flying. It’s…a…scam.

Thank you for coming to my mediocre TED talk.


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