Possible Live Spotting Series?

Hello everyone! So recently I’ve been thinking about starting a realistic spotting series for Infinite Flight Live! An example of what I’m thinking of is below:

“Delta 2175 arriving at KMIA from KJFK. Aircraft: A319”

I would take pictures of aircraft in Live at a busy airport and then match up a real world callsign and route to the aircraft spotted. This is to simulate real world spotting.

All the photos would be taken in Live as you never know what you may expect! The above photo was taken in Live. As you can see, the photos taken are to be edited to avoid showing any buttons as well the Wi-Fi symbol.

I would love to hear your comments on this idea and whether I should start a series like this or not. Thanks in advance and have a fantastic day!


I seems neat but anyone with live can do it. It’s not as great of an experience:)

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I have to agree with you on that point. I’ll be open to more opinions in the next couple of days. If this idea doesn’t gain traction, I won’t start this. :)

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Maybe think of a more unique way, like a competition where you need to keep the wifi symbol on the screen to prove it was live, and no photoshop:)

Hmmm quite an interesting concept. I’ll give it some thought. :)

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This sounds like a very interesting idea! I fully support this.

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Just go for it. An idea can make dreams come true.

Except in Live you have no idea what aircraft is going to land at your airport. It could be a Cessna, or it could be an A380 😂
And of course you have no idea what is going to happen on landing 😏

Maybe don’t make up a route & say what their rout actually was.

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