Possible laptop app?

Good morning Infinite Flight Community!

This morning, I woke up and a question popped into my head. Is there the possibility of a laptop app for Infinite Flight? I’ve always enjoyed IF on my phone, but would also love it if I could fly on my Macbook!

Has this ever been discussed as an idea or possibility? If so, what was the result of that discussion?

(I also wasn’t sure where something like this would go. Sorry if it’s not the right category!

Edit: I just realized that I made a typo in this topic. So sorry! I have changed “desktop” to “laptop”

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Infinite Flight is a mobile flight simulator. So, no. If you do manage to do this via third party applications/programs or whatever, Infinite Flight cannot provide support for it.

Bluestacks is somewhere to look at, although if you were to have problems (which on the 21.xx and 22.xx versions of IF are plentiful) you won’t get support since emulators aren’t supported.

20.3 is the last stable version of IF, and you can actually change the settings in IF on that version. 21.xx and later just get stuck at the first option, if the settings option was a menu (like the low, medium, or high selections). ATC on 21.xx and later if spotty, at best. In my trial by fire experience, other players cannot see your messages, and you won’t see theirs.

so what I’m gathering is that you can possibly hack your way to a laptop version of Infinite Flight, but there is no official version currently being discussed or in development?

It is not hacking, it is simply a emulator. Emulators aren’t supported by IF on the latest versions so it is not recommended unless you are fine with playing in older versions (you’ll still encounter some janky stuff here and there.)

There is indeed a windows client. It’s not public tho.

what about a Macbook Pro client?

not hacking, it runs Android in an emulated device in a window (like your browser is a window) and you can play games and use Android software on it

Bluestacks (I assume that’s what you’re referring to) can run on macOS, if i’m not mistaken

Any native windows or mac (not sure they use macs for that though) clients are likely used by the devs to test things out, since initially they may require lots of computer to run

I just tried BlueStacks, and apparently it isn’t compatible with my 2022 Macbook.

I got an error saying “Apple M2 chip not supported”.

You may need to look into alternatives for Bluestacks then. Bluestacks wants an Intel CPU, whereas you have the Apple’s M2 which speak in what are basically two different languages (think of it as English vs French)

I don’t know of any M-series friendly emulators, because I use PC

One word…


As mentioned, nope.

Our focus is to provide the best experience we can on iOS & Android.
Bringing macOS & Windows into that would complicate things a lot as things are right now.

Our development environment is on Windows yes, but it’s not the same as the app and the prerequisites for even running it is quite a lot.

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Thanks for the response Schyllberg!

I’ll definitely look into a possible emulator then.

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I also have an Apple M chip in my laptop. It is very efficient,however many apps have not yet been optimized or ported over.

I believe there’s a way to stream your screen from your mobile device to a PC/Laptop screen, but as far as I know you can’t fly with anything other than a mobile device. That may change one day but as of now IF is exclusively for mobile use.

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