Possible landing bug/issue

I’m grade 2, with 41 landings and about 81+ hours of flight time. In the one month of trying out the online experience, I gotta say I am genuinely satisfied. Unfortunately, in my past 3 landing attempts my landings have no longer been counted. It’s a simple setup I use. I usually start in KLAX, and fly to KSFO in a 737 etc. These are full stop landings, I land taxing to the gate of my choose and shutoff. I’ll check on fuel and so forth, then make a plan back to KLAX rinse and repeat. However, my ‘statistics’ have stayed at 41 landings. My question is why? This has occurred over the past week and a half.

Thanks, Captain Ortiz


Your landings are displayed on your grade table under the “Landings in 90 days” area. If it’s been longer than 90 days, your landings will have decreased. But since you went flying and landed, you must’ve evened it back out to 41 landings.

By the way, glad you’re enjoying IF, hope to see you as a grade 3 flyer on the expert server soon!

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I don’t know if I will go on Expert, I’m too fearful of the ATC.

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No need to fear us! Follow commands and you’ll have no problems at all, there are some videos up on youtube from Infinite Flight detailing different aspects of controlled space and what to do. Everyone makes mistakes too, we rarely ghost without warning :)

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Just follow their directions, there are some great tutorials and topics to help you on the IFC. Overall, it’s a great experience on the expert server.

This should help: Congrats on Making it to Expert, Want to Stay There? Follow these Notes

Speaking of which, I was just curious as to what the ‘flight’ spoiler is supposed to be used for?

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Whenever you need to slow down or maintain a certain airspeed. Commonly used in descents.

Thanks for the help, I gotta get my landings back up. See ya on the expert servers at some-point. You’ll wither CPT Ortiz or either my callsign thats usually something 838.

P.s Do you think I’d get ghosted for a “HARAMBE1” callsign?

No, not to my knowledge. The worst is that you’ll receive a “please change callsign”, but I’m not even sure that would even be warranted. You’ll be okay. :)

I don’t do it much since it just takes too damn long for atc to say. Anyways my landings are up to 43 again. Only 7 more to go.

I would recommend doing touch and gos at one airport rather than doing back and forth flights - its much quicker :)

I’ve had this issue too. However, I only got pro yesterday, so all of my landings were on the same day… weird.

PS: Don’t worry about your callsign. As long as it’s within 8 characters and isn’t spammy, it’ll be fine.

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