Possible Hurricane Events?

Good afternoon fellow pilots!

I have searched the forum, and haven’t seen anything yet about a fly-out from a Florida airport to evacuate people, or a fly-in to help in relief efforts due to Hurricane Dorian (on casual server). Does anybody think this would be a good idea/ be willing to host one?



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There is no way this can be hosted on expert server. People are getting ghosted for flying into the hurricane and landing on taxiways due to the winds. If you wish to do this please do this on casual for the sake of not being ghosted and keeping expert server an expert environment.


There was this one, but its over.


That’s a huge bummer, I would’ve loved to participate seeing as how I take some online courses from there. Wish I would’ve known sooner.

maybe a fly into the hurricane group flight. lol

That’s actually a good idea! Unfortunately, I saw a topic similar to that when I researched this one.

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ASVA is hosting an Internal event to hunt Dorian.

Im not 100% sure but I thought it was just a fly-out to evacuate people. It was what gave me the idea to ask here because everyone compared to one virtual airline would generate a larger turnout.

People are getting ghosted for no reason, they are litrelly getting blown into other aircrafts on taxiway because of high winds.

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how are they getting ghosted and why like by ATC

That’s why you do it on casual, that’s where all the IFATC members are flying in the hurricane


So is IFATC active at the Bahamas

But how would we know when you literally spawn in and your blow into another aircraft when taxing, like, what is there to explain to that?

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By using logic, if there is a hurricane and you are in what is pretty much an ultralight, or in any other plane for that matter, what else would you think would happen


There are select ATC members which have the ability to ghost regardless of whether or not they are controlling. This being said, just because there isn’t active ATC doesn’t mean you can disregard the rules. The same rules which apply to a controlled field are applied even if there’s isn’t an active controller.

You are responsible for the control of your aircraft. If you are unable to control it, should you really be out flying?


What an obnoxious comment. Imagine he just spawned into the airport to see what things were looking like with absolutely no intent to cause any issues, and his aircraft was blown onto the taxiway within seconds! Would you have been able to stop it with your control? Don’t always presume things and be so quick to knock people down.

That’s so true max. You have to see the background to what has happened before coming to conclusions so quickly.

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I would have tried on casual first, and that’s what I did, just to make sure I could do it

I see where you’re coming from and I completely agree. However, understandably, people may not be as aware as others about just how strong the winds are!


Maybe next time listen to what he’s saying. A flyout to expect from the hurricane…