Possible HUGE Fly-Out at KFFZ?

So I got on if to practice landings in solo in the 737. I zoomed out to go find an airport and KFFZ showed up. I was like “hmmm… havent seen that before let’s take a look” I clicked on it and my game crashed. So I restarted if and loaded the airport and saw this:

My game lags a tiny bit while looking at this screen. And I NEVER lag on my phone. So I’m not tl2 yet(even though i have the right stats) and i am just suggesting a flyout from here. Not just any fly out but a HUGE fly out. Let me know what yall think.


Ah yes @tomthetank literally broke the last scenery update with this airport. 😂


KFFZ has a hell lot of gates

Fr. Got me lagging on a samsung s8+ and it NEVER LAGS

Although just attempted a 737 landing but runway was ro short but nice scenery around

This doesn’t need to be public knowledge 😂

@HadenJohnson It’s an airport with a lot of GA parking, and I tried to be as accurate as possible! I put a bit of time and effort (some would say too much) into this, so I’m glad you appreciate it and think it would be a good airport for an event! I happen to agree.

It might be a good place to test out the new A-10 — being a GA airport, the runways are shorter than most!


Why don’t you tell the people how many gosh darn spawns (Hangars/Ramps/etc) there are?

Because I’m honestly not sure how many!

If I had to guess I’d say it’s between 700 and 850.


My game crashes when I try to search it 😂

Oof. That’s… yeah.

@schyllberg - Is this an issue that Infinite Flight is trying to iron out or is the issue out of your hands?

No crash or lag for me, not a single lag.

I have never seen an airport with that many ramps and hangars before XD

Got to research more about KFFZ

Logging out, then logging back in should solve that.

KFFZ makes my iPad run a bit slow but its fine.

Done it. Didnt work.

Requirements are not disclosed. This is to ensure that you cannot just post post post to get the rank, it has to be good content. Hope this helps :)


Read 15 times.

Then you should have seen this part. Your stats shouldn’t be a topic of concern, since they really don’t matter. Continue to post good content, and you’ll be there before you know it (trust me, I was in your shoes a little over a year ago ;)

If a flyout is held here, then RIP server…


Ahhh well… oh well.

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