Possible Glitch?

In 20.1 the wheels of the aircraft can finally move. But today when I was looking at my replay in which I used an A346, the wheels are still static.
I used bottom view and zoomed in to confirm, it was indeed not moving. I also checked an A320 replay, it was pretty normal so I don’t think it’s an issue of my device.
Is it because the aircraft is too old? 🤔

You are exactly correct. The older aircraft haven’t received any physics updates yet. They will be reworked in future updates.


However, it has to be said that it will take years until all planes are up to date :(

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There‘ll be never ever a statues achieved like ‚everything is up to date‘ as technology continually evolves ;). Sad to say.

That would depend on the business and its developers on board, time commitment and possible staff expansion for developers.

If they want the simulator to grow faster and maintain a community with/against other simulator competitors, they will need to push more updates, reworks and new features. Years may turn to months…

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