Possible glitch?

Hey there everyone, while I was practicing my landings on solo, and looked outside of the external view, I saw that my plane landed without the landing gear and was just hovering over the runway. I apologize if this is a duplicate topic. Here are the pics below to see what I am talking about.


Maybe just a one time thing idk but still very strange that has never happened to me before

Did you try to exit IF then come back?

Sometimes, the gear is engaged but you don’t see the gear. When that happens, its best to tap the gear button twice. If that doesn’t work, a restart of the app will do.

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I think it’s a known glitch

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Please restart infinite Flight

Yep this is a known glitch as @N1DG rightfully said.

This has been posted MANY MANY times before. I’m sure the dev’s know about it. But try clearing cash and device. If that doesnt work then uninstall and reinstall infinite flight.