Possible glitch @ PTRO

First things first, if this is in the wrong place, feel free to relocate it.

At PTRO when I click on the airport it says current airplane restricted for anything larger than a baby bus/737. For other people it doesn’t say the same thing. I did a lap in the pattern and didn’t get a warning/violation. And the airport has 767 service IRL.


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Were you flying on solo or live?

Live. And I already tried restarting the app, the iPad, and the car I drove last. Same thing.

7000’ runway, at sea level, and its has heavy jets flying in daily. No need for a restriction at that airport.

Have you tried to restart your device?

TFR? There’s no TFR there.

The biggest jet is a Boeing 757 and on occasion a Boeing 767…

There are plenty 737’s that come in daily

Yep is has 757 service from NRT and last time I was there a couple years ago there was a 767 on the ramp (some cargo job). It has a tower so shouldn’t be a class E airport. I believe it’s a Delta but I’ll confirm.

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Actually I stand corrected. It does not have a control tower. Flights are controlled by ROR radio. It does have a 300,000lb weight limit for aircracft with dual tandems though.

So, it’s just a matter of IF not being that adaptable yet when it comes to different airport classifications?

Pretty much. There are a number of uncontrolled airports that can handle large aircraft. KTNT just west of Miami for instance. No tower, just a couple small buildings, and a 10,000’ runway (and a cool backstory). Of course we can’t expect every single one of them to be correct all the time!