Possible glitch at Heathrow

I was just prepping a flight from Heathrow to Rome, and when I loaded the flight into the Training Server, the airport loaded weirdly (I think). I’m not well-versed in how Heathrow looks in real life. I have added a screenshot below.

Is this how the gate is supposed to look? Or is this a result of the known Airport Database glitch which occurred yesterday? This is at gate 502, in Terminal 5A.

Hey there! Looks absolutely fine to me. LHR was released in 21.1, the first version to feature 3D airports. Since then, editing tools have advanced and the editors skills have developed a huge amount. Hopefully we can see a LHR rework in the future 🙂

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So Heathrow really has jetbridges that long which go through a small building?

It does indeed! Many airports across the world have this. From experience, Gatwick use these buildings as a fire exit, a way of boarding aircraft via the rear steps & a way for the ground crew to bring the cabin offload bags/push chairs down onto the ramp to be loaded into the hold :)

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Fascinating! I didn’t realize that! So, is this type of architectural design for airports used mainly in Europe?

From what I’ve seen… yes. A lot of airports in Europe have this. There are probably others though around the world

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