Possible fuel usage

Okay so I was thinking why the add the 77L🤔 Because there is almost No different beween then 77W and 77L, but one thing is the range. So who cares about the range we can fly so long as we want there is no fuel usage. So I think for Global flight they want to add the 77L for the ranges this Will mean there possible comes fuel usage.

Do you understand?😂😂

Just think about it


OMG so true. There is legit no difference.


I doubt it. It’ll just be another model. The way I see it we are getting more of a patch rather than an update

But maybe we get later fuel usage, not in this update but in another one.

And why they make a plane with no difference, then they can also make the other 747 with other engines…

I hope so…

We really need fuel usage when global flight comes because I don’t want to see a Cessna 172 flying above the Atlantic.


Waiting to see a Dash Q400 making a transatlantic flight


Actually it won’t be the first time someone from the US to Europe on a Cessna 172.

An albanian guy from the US added an extra fuel tank on this one and flew all the way through the Americas, to Europe, Asia and Africa lobbying for the Recognition of Kosovo. Of course he made many pitstops, but the thing is he flew over the Atlantic on it and made a stop in Grœnland, Iceland, Ireland and then in Switzerland.



In the early stages of Infinite Flight, they did have some sort of fuel quantity and fuel management system. They removed it because they wanted to do it properly on all planes and Matt said it’ll be reworked eventually, maybe this is the time that it’s reworked?
(courtesy of the Infinite Flight Facebook page)


It’s not really a patch seeing as we are getting reworked aircraft along with a totally new one and new ATC/Live features and so on.

I believe maybe they will try to do something like this because the only way to express the 777LR is the range and raked wingtips. This may be something later.

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From when? 2013? This looks like the older version


This is from 2011


Would love to see this nice feature! I’ll keep my fingers crossed :)


I think you may be onto something…

I don’t think they are adding fuel usage. They might, but I think the LR is just another model that could set back the time we get the 787.

Lets request that plane with an extra fuel tank😂

All the stuff is there in the background for fuel usage. They just need to enable it and make sure the usage fits the aircraft model. I believe it was disabled so people wouldn’t be crashing all over the place when running out of fuel.

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