Possible Fixes for Expert Server Rules to be enforced

Also, before global it took a lot of flights to get enough XP to be eligible to fly on ES. Post global its much easier to rack up XP with a bunch of long-haul over nighters

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The only way to change expert is through making a academy to get rid of the people flying A380’s on a 10 min trip through ATC and to make expert for serious users only

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some people don’t know the proper altitudes so

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Then they can learn! 😄


Some people. Fly. They don’t look at the tutorials.

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To remove annoying users from the expert server, simply take a screenshot of their username & callsign (even using the replay as evidence if needed) along with the offence and send it to a moderator. You can expect serious consequences to be conflicted upon the offender, going as far as getting a permanent removal from the expert server. You can do this if IFATC (Infinite Flight Air Traffic Control) is not there to fix the problem by ghosting.

We don’t need further restrictions to separate qualified and unqualified users. We need the community to be aware that if you have evidence of a individual breaking rules with no possible way to ghost them without IFATC, they would receive more consequences than a simple ghost.

So feature requests for further restrictions is unnecessary in my opinion (feel free to protest if you wish).

I think we all know that this problem will not have an easy solution by any means. Testing seems like it may be too hard to properly implement, due to the sheer volume of applicants and the multitude of procedures one would need to test. I think the most important thing to do is be role models for others on the expert server. If you do procedures to the book and execute a true professional air when on expert, I do think people take notice (accurate real-life landings, correct use of lights, unicom, and aircraft capabilities, utilizing SIDS/STARS, and having accurate flight plans). At this point, I think that is all we can do, and hopefully it will have a ripple on effect. The more people being self-conscious of their actions, the more the collective body of users improves.

Also side note: I would be lenient on altitude, solely because during a long haul, I’m not getting up to change the altitude at 3 am because I turned before/past 180 degrees. Until we have Alt. NAV, I’d say for everyone to take a deep breath on this one and move on :) Focus on the important issues, like cutting on approach, tactical landings in a 777, you name it…


It’s not even the real life extras of accurate real-life landings, utilizing SIDS/STARS, and having accurate flight plans. The problem is people flying who don’t know a thing on how patterns work or how unicom works gets annoying. The go arounds I have done get annoying. Like I said, I have done about 35 go arounds in the last 6 months to other users.

Unqualified users shouldn’t be on Expert in the first place. That’s the entire point of this discussion is that unqualified users are ruining the experience of the ones who want that real life experience, but it’s being ruined by a users who doesn’t care if they cut off an aircraft or can’t report a simple position.

Personally I think Pre-Global was the BEST Infinite Flight. That’s what we users want, is the pre-global Expert Server back

I’m hoping the addition of TSATC will encourage users to learn about proper use of radio comms. Maybe they can “ghost” on TS but it’s really just a kick from the server and doesn’t appear on their record. Granted, there would have to be a system in place to avoid abuse of the “kick” button. Users would then either have to contact the users who kicked them or the ATC can provide a reason on the spot about why they were kicked.

Expert is becoming Training Server #2 and it’s a reason people are choosing to cease using IF altogether. I do like the report button feature mentioned above that would give an appointed mid replay footage to review but that would include hiring a team dedicated to watching those replays and I’m not sure how effective that would be.

So if that’s the case that unquaified users are ruining the experience of others, why don’t the people who is getting their experienced ruined by unqualified users do the steps I said above to successfully get them removed from the expert server?

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Because your measures are a bit on the drastic side. You mention a minimum of “serious consequences”, which I believe is a little harsh in some circumstances.

What if my connection blacks out for a few seconds, and when I come back, I find that my aircraft has taxied across the grass? Or what if I’m too low for a go around, and I accidentally hit another person on the runway while I’m pulling up? I could be one of the most professional pilots on the server, have any of those things occur to me, and you’re saying that I would get punished?

My point is, some things aren’t under the user’s control, and having them getting reported (or worse) isn’t going to help matters. I prefer the idea of role models, simply because it gives a little more leeway to those who are actually trying to have a good experience on a Expert, especially since we all receive bouts of bad luck every once in a while. :)

Thanks for reading this post, feel free to PM me if you have further comments.

Thats the whole point of the feature request, to get rid of those who don’t read the tutorials before going into expert.

I’m not saying that it’s appropriate for people to get removed from the expert server for only a few simple mistakes that everyone makes on a daily basis. I only mean that for people who do it intentionally with no remorse in their actions and trying any way of making sure it doesn’t happen again.

Of course I do agree that role models sets examples of how the server should be treated, but when people don’t try to follow those examples then this is a last resort.

Imo, since the global update new people can access the Expert Server way too soon. Required XP should be rised to at least 250’000, flight hours to at least 300 and there should also be a proper landing/violation system (having half as many vios than landings is very mercyful). I hope that something is done in the near future.

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Having read most of the above posts quickly, I shall thank you all for thinking those thoughts and discussing them all calmly. It is all too difficuly for me to find the best way ahead… but it gives me a clear direction to follow : be better yoursef, others will follow!
Good flights all pilots in IF and beyond!

Some good ideas discussed here. To start, I want to address the hidden comment in the original post about this issue “seem to be ignored”. I can tell you that’s not the case. Tyler and group are constantly evaluating ideas on how to improve the expert server experience. As you can see by the discussions it’s not an exact science and every approach has caveats.

I am also usually the one complaining about pilot quality, especially during summer (northern hemisphere) months. However I have to say that this is probably the best summer I’ve experienced in terms of pilot quality since I’ve been around. That doesn’t mean quality is high, just that not as bad as previous years - and yes that is not a statistical conclusion but rather my anecdotal perception.

The system that is in place weeds out bad pilots after a few ghosts, I think it is working well. That’s not to say that there’s no room for improvement - that’s certainly possible.

Anyway… good discussion, keep bringing up ideas.


@James_Browne has a topic for this in features. Closing this one as there aren’t any votes supporting the request.