Possible Emergency for FI630?

Just checked FlightRadar24 and noticed that Icelandair 630 from Boston to Reykjavik turned around a few minutes after takeoff. I checked the squawk code and it looks normal. I’m listening to the approach and tower ATC via liveatc.net. Updates will follow below.

Update (11:02PM EDT): ICE630 has landed safely on 33L parked at gate E3A. No word on what the situation was but I will keep an eye on local news or airport info.


He’s on boston approach 118.25.

Emergency vehicles being deployed as precaution. Not sure on nature yet.


I heard earlier that it may be a landing gear problem, not sure though

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About to go to tower. Intercepting ILS. 8mi final for 33l.


He’s on Tower now

Below 1000 ft now

Taxiing to the gate. Boring. :)

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E2A it looks like.

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I think I heard E3A

He’s parked at the gate now

Meanwhile Qatari requests runway with 20kt tailwind.


International airlines here always want to take 15R (closest runway to intl terminal)

What are you using to listen to at Atc?

Me too, just checking if there was a better source.

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No word from ICE630

No more activity for now, not sure if the aircraft will leave tonight…next flight isn’t until late tomorrow afternoon around 3-4PM, but I will keep an eye out

I guess they´d get a lower Vr, wouldn´t they?

Honestly something happened east of Plum Island. It stopped its ascent near that area.

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Or a trip into the ocean.