Possible Emergency for EI138?

Took a peak at FR24 and noticed that Aer Lingus 138 from Boston has turned around and is descending back to Boston. No emergency squawk code is activated so who knows what is happening. I will listen to live ATC to find out what’s going on. Updates to follow.


It could just be doing a normal test, taking off without passangers and landing back

Heard approach ask for updates on a passenger. Couldn’t hear response. Shamrock 13J Heavy is callsign.

ATC Channel please?

Currently on final app 126.5 http://www.liveatc.net/search/?icao=kbos

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well there has been bad weather through out the northeast since i just got back from cyyz-klga and was stuck in a holding pattern in Pennsylvania for 2 and a half hours for maybe just avoiding weather since the storm might have gone over sea

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yea now its going onto jetblue since the flights from lax, jfk, fll are coming in

Damm left aproach for tower

Someone hit me up with the tower frequency?

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yea just sick passenger i think

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Landed. Emergency equipment standing by at gate.


She parked at gate C21 at Terminal C, waiting for further details.

Sounds like a medical emergency, but it’s hard to tell.

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That’s what I’m probably going to assume. They didn’t use an emergency squawk code, though.

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ya, i heard something about emergency equipment, like @AR_AR said, but i dont know


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