Possible draw of monthly subscriptions by [Application Staff]

I’ve been thinking about this topic for a while … and as Christmas approaches, it would be nice if the staff that carry this incredible application and simulator day after day, draw some monthly subscription, leave it at the disposal of the staff and their very taste of carry out this idea.
Thanks for all
Happy Christmas everyone.

Maybe a discount could be offered for the holidays, since they did make they app complete free (for Android users) on Black Friday. I think it would be a nice way to say thanks to the Community.


I like this idea maybe from the 22nd December - 3rd January, these could be the prices

Monthly: £4.99
6-Monthly: £19.99
Yearly: £49.99

I dunno just my $0.02 on this

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Well I hope they don’t choose me (if they do this)

I have a yearly subscription to IF PRO that expires on my birthday so my parents would always let me renew it as a “birthday present” XD


The thing is… The developers/owners of infinite flight rely on the renvue of subscriptions,app purchases etc to sustain and support there running and development of this app so offering major discounts for that period of time especially over the festive season maybe not be all that wise.As most people tend to buy subs and the app over the festive season as they have been given money,vouchers etc.So i always like a bargain as such but it is hard for the company to massively slash there prices as it may affect there income quiet largely as such which in turn affects the development and running of the app etc.So yes small discounts 1 or 2 pounds etc off a sub or the app would be a wise idea for that length of time but like black Friday which is one day it is easier to do as such.
Anyways i sound like a right spoil sport but you have to think the money we spend goes straight back into us and our IF experience


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