Possible Development of Clouds?

I’ve been inspecting this video and it seems maybe clouds could possibly be coming to Infinite Flight. If you look halfway in the video you can see the light changes more darker for a short time and comes back to bright again. If this is the start of clouds, I am suprised on how fast they were developed.
Maybe you guys can inspect the video yourselves and see if you agree with me.

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I was thinking that too but I think it’s just editing to make it look better

That is a good point, but Laura doesn’t edit her videos, it’s all raw production.

I see what you’re saying but I don’t think those are clouds. I think its just some effect of the recording or fog even.


I don’t think it’s clouds but that wing flex!😍


Does fog currently have that shadow effect in game?

I think that’s the ocean.

I’m not sure but I think the camera just wasn’t at the right angle to capture the reflection from the ocean till near the end of the video.

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Check at 15 seconds, the plane gets darker like a shadow has casted over it.

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I see what you mean… If clouds were added, it would drastically improve the scenery of IF. (And I would die)

Hopefully your theory is right!


I think the entire IF community will die haha!


I’m still doubting it, it’s blurry to say that are clouds. Looks like thunderstorms in the background.

Laura stops the video shortly before landing, maybe possibly there’s something on the ground she doesn’t want us to see?

that wing flex thoughhhhhhh

Wing flex! My favorite thing about the 787!

You guys are so excited you are now seeing things

Please don’t die. You won’t be able to play it anymore or experience global flight. 😉


I highly doubt it’s clouds because I don’t want to let me hopes up too high or then I would be sad if it doesn’t come out. If it is then that would be epicardo and I would need to trim my mustache.

Noice profile pic. 😂

We need to confirm there’s clouds first.

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