Possible Clouds?


Just a bad recording


I think that is just land and Matt’s crappy quality recording. ;)


I see. Ok never mind!

Mods please lock-Hopefully this doesn’t mislead anyone

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Hmmm they do look like clouds though🤔


If they are that would be amazing

It seems they´re clouds. There´s a space between the water.

Yeah maybe they are clouds. Yup, 100% clouds. Confirmed.


The aircraft I don’t see it in the options ? Sweet video very nice looks so real

Not released yet…

Do they though? It looks like low visibility over land… Not to be a party crasher :) I hope they’re clouds, but…

Ah ok liked the vid sound would have been nice to

The flicker seems to be coming from the props ? Am I wrong ?

It is over water and at the end you see water poking through. It does look like cloud patches

OK :) If you guys say so. I rest my case…

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Mr confident $5 says it’s not clouds … Just kidding

I don’t know it really seems they’re above the water.

I think it is the terrain

Looks like terrain to me.

That’s terrain no doubts about it 100%